Construction, IT, and Professional Technical Services

an SBA certified HUBZone Small Business and Partner to 8(a) Alaskan Native Corporations

Anubis, LLC. (Anubis) is an SBA certified HUBZone Small Business headquartered in Grantham, New Hampshire. The company was founded in 2008 to provide U.S. Federal military and government customers with construction project management services. Since opening its doors, Anubis program and project managers have successfully managed more than 80 Federal military and civilian design/build construction, environmental, and demolition projects. During the past 10 years, Anubis has expanded its Federal support capabilities to include professional advisory and assistance, technical staffing, and IT services. During the past five years, Anubis has managed more than $15 million in construction, demolition, environmental, and IT projects without a single cost-incurred change order!


Our mission is to take-on the mission and performance goals of our customers as our own and provide the highest possible quality service. The depth, breadth and scalability of our capabilities is enhanced by our strong network of highly qualified partner companies. Our partners include a diverse array of extremely competent subcontractors and vendors, and uniquely qualified SBA certified 8(a) Alaska Native Corporations (ANC's), to include our ANC Joint Venture  MTNT Anubis JV, LLC. All of our partner companies share our core values of honesty and integrity,and unyielding commitment to customer service, and 100% contract compliance. 

Highlighted Capabilities

Full-lifecycle Design/Build Infrastructure Assessment, Construction, Demolition, and Environmental Services

o   Demolition, environmental assessment and abatement, site restoration services

o   Mechanical systems including HVAC, piping, laboratory, ventilation, ground fueling systems, and tanks

o   Electrical medium voltage systems, feeders, transformers, switchgear, duct banks, generators, and building upgrades

o   Electrical low voltage building automation, HVAC controls, and energy efficiency, metering, monitoring, lighting, and access

o   Plumbing, underground and aboveground water piping, tanks, valves, sprinklers, HVAC, Hydroblasters

o   Anti-Terrorism & Force Protect (ATFP) infrastructure, fencing, gates, barriers, reverse entry alert, lighting, intrusion detection

o   Fire detection and suppression systems design and repair, AFFF, water sprinklers, tanks, deluge

o   Military fueling system construction and repairs, > 50 projects ranging from tanks to ground-up ground fueling depots  

o   Environmental and engineering facility assessment, characterization, and remediation

o   Real property assessment, surveying, appraisal, and maintenance services


IT and Other Professional Technical Support, Staffing, and Logistics Services

o   Program and project management and Consulting

o   Dedicated on-site support engineering and staffing

o   Identity management engineering

o   System vulnerability and threat analysis

o   Cyber security engineering

o   IT systems and network engineering

o   IT hardware, software, and peripherals acquisition

o   IT Supply Chain Risk Assessment (SCRA) execution and consulting


About The Owner

Mr. Gerald (Jerry) Sharp, PG is the owner and lead project manager of Anubis. Mr. Sharp has successfully managed more than 100 federal projects during his 30 year career in project and program management. His experience includes managing a wide variety of repair, construction, demolition, environmental, and IT projects and services.  Mr. Sharp’s formal education includes a BS, MS, and MBA. He is a licensed Professional Geologist (PG), and USACE /NAVFAC certified Construction Quality Control Manager (CQCM).

Contracting Information

POC:  Gerald (Jerry) Sharp

Phone & text messaging: (407) 415-1706


Home Page:

HQ Location: 64 High Pond RD #154, Grantham, NH 03753

CAGE Code:  821A4



United States Government Customers

US Department of Defense, United States Air Force

US Department of Defense, United States Air National Guard

US Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services, The Pentagon

US Department of Defense, United States Army Corps of Engineers

US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Hoover Building

US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Office of the Integrator

US Department of Agriculture, Rural Development


Representative Contracts Managed by Anubis

Replace Electrical Feeders / US Air Force (USAF) Joint Base Andrews (JBA) / $4.2M / Replaced transformers, underground electrical feeders, and duct banks at Air Force 1 and 2 hangars, ramp, and Base quarters. 

Conduct Housing Facility Structural and Environmental Assessment / US Department of Agriculture Rural Development / $20K / Inspected facility structural and environmental safety, and provided recommendations.

Supply IT Hardware, Software, and Staff / US Census Bureau / $22M / Supplied the 2020 Census with IT cybersecurity hardware, software, resident staff engineers, data analytics, and NIST supply chain risk assessments. 

Design/Install Reverse Entry Alert Detection Gate Security System / USAF JBA / $600K / Designed and installed reverse entry security systems with FLIR and radar detection, alarms, and web-based tracking systems at entry gates. 

Design/Install HVAC Split Systems / USAF JBA / $200K / Replaced Trane HVAC split systems with Siemens control systems at several buildings. Included installation of a Leibert split system for a flightline communications SCIF.

Design/Build Replace Electrical Buildings and Systems / The Pentagon / $1.3M / Replaced electrical systems including transformers, switchgear, duct banks, feeders, electrical shed, and concrete and asphalt paving. 

Supply/Install Chillers / USAF JBA / $1.4M / Replaced chillers, pumps, valves, air handlers, and Siemens control systems for a fire station and an office building. Required extensive balancing of multizone facilities.

Upgrade and Relocate US Navy and Marine Hangars Electrical Systems / USAF and USN JBA / $2.8M / Design / relocation and replacement of transformers, switchgear, duct banks, and primary and secondary electrical conduit and cabling.

Demolish Base Library, Environmental Remediation, Site Restoration / USAF JBA / $1.1M / Demolition of a two-story building. Included environmental characterization, asbestos and lead abatement, and site restoration.

Assess Condition of Hoover Building Piping / Department of Justice (DOJ), FBI / $230K / Used radiography and additional methods to test and assess various piping throughout the Hoover Bldg, and provided recommendations.

Construct Perimeter Fencing, Gates, Barriers and Roadway / USAF Air National Guard (USANG) DE / $1.7M / Installation of integrated K-Rated perimeter fencing and architectural barriers, perimeter road, and code access entry gates.

Design/Build Aircraft Fuels Depot / USANG DE / $1.7M / Ground-up construction of a jet fueling depot, storage tanks, catch basins, stainless piping, valves, pumps, receipt/supply headers, fencing, paving, and fire detection and sprinklers.

Design/Build C-130 Fuel Cell Hangar Renovation / USANG GA / $1.8M / Designed and installed new systems: wing air purge, HEF, fire sprinkler, water tank, Monaco fire alarm panels and alarms, LED lighting, mass notification, HVAC, plumbing, breathing air, gas ceiling heaters, harness lines, and directional drilling and installation of comm lines.

Design/Install Centralized Building Controls and Energy Management System / USANG FL / $190K / Installation of Johnson Controls Metasys head-in, fiber and CAT 6 cabling, HVAC controls, smart meters, and energy management systems.

Design/Install IT Network and Hardened Generator / USANG DE / $380K / Design and installation of IT cabling network, trays, hardened generator, and controls for Cyber Command, Networking Warfare Systems Center SCIF.